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  Are you burdened with tiredness,loneliness, confusion, rejection and low self esteem? Do you feel your life is going downhill?
  Then it is time to do something about it in JESUS’s Name by joining the ministry team: MERCY MISSION INTERNATIONAL
  MINISTRIES, where JESUS is LORD. We’re the voice of encouragement for People to change their lives with HOPE, COMFORT
  and PEACE. We are a family orientated, Bible based, Christian Ministry that is helping to bring hope to the hopeless,
  turning your trials and tests into testimonies through the deliverence Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. When you have tried everything
  and everything has failed, don’t you think it is time to try the one Man who never fails, try JESUS.

  He said to them,“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” MARK 16 v. 15

  We are a Christian based charity (Registration No. 1110370) and at present we are operating in Sierra Leone .
  Click here for more details.

  At present we are a relatively small group who administer this charity. Its founder, Pastor Mohammed Khan jnr,is able to
  respond to interested callers. His co-workers, Bob and Helen Adams , Mrs. Sylvia Jones, Mrs Christiana Sawyer and
  Dr. Spence - Lewis are similarly available and willing to discuss any contribution you can make. Please email or call the   
  telephone numbers found on this site.

  Latest News:
• Please CLICK HERE to view a short movie ( video and audio ) of our Charity Work in Sierre Leone.
• We also have a regular slot on Sky channel 247 at 9.30 pm every Thursday and on channel 223 at 6:30 am every
  Wednesday. Also we have regular slot on OBE TV at 6.30 am every Wednesday.
Seirre Leone branch is: West Street, Freetown tel (00232)33425693 or (00232)33424298.

Below are profiles of our main helpers in charity work.


Rev. M. Khan
Picture 1.0: Rev. M. Khan

  Rev. M. Khan is a former Muslim who answered his calling in July 2002. His life
  changed from the day he had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Rev. Khan was
  born in the United Kingdom . His parents are from the West African State of
  Freetown-Sierra Leone. Childhood experiences and the suffering he saw in
  war-torn Sierra Leone encouraged him to start Mercy Mission.

  Rev. Khan is a devoted father of five children. His wife Isa Khan works closely with
  him and is his devoted prayer partner.

Mr. Bob Adams
Picture 1.1: Mr. Bob Adams
  Bob Adams was born in 1952 and born again about 1979!
  Bob’s work covers a range of areas which include social work to a Christian aid
  worker in Bosnia , co-pastor, independent charity trustee, part-time guitar maker
  and repairer, musician and praise worship organiser, married 30 years with two
  adult sons.


Mrs. Helen Adams
Picture 1.2: Mrs. Helen Adams
  Helen Adams born 1951 and born again about 1979!
  She has 32 years of varied experience in the field of education. Established the
  UK's first group of education/work centres for 130+ disaffected youth. This model
  continues to operate and expand nationally with growing success. Like her
   husband she has had involvement with abused children. She is a Christian charity
  trustee. Married for 30 years she has two adult sons and loads of interests.


Rev. Sylvia Jones
Picture 1.3: Rev. Sylvia Jones

  Rev. Sylvia Jones is a registered nurse who came to London from Trinidad in 1969.
  She studied at Lewisham University Hospital and Kings. Her speciality is Obstetrics
  and Children’s Health. Her experiences in counselling and nursing children in the
  United Kingdom for twenty years will aid her work with the orphans of Mercy Mission.


Rev. Sawyer
Picture 1.4: Rev.Christiana Sawyer
  Rev. Christiana Sawyer is a professional nurse with 40 years’ experience in the
  United. KingdomThe last twenty years of her professional life have been spent
  in caring for the elderly who arefrail and vulnerable. She has a strong calling for
  the work of the Lord, a role which she fulfilson part-time basis for the time being
  with the full support of her husband and four grown up children. Having been born
  in Ghana and with her husband having some family ties in Sierra Leone, she fully
  understands the plight of the children in that country, the direct result of that painful
  and destructive war. She totally supports the various efforts Mercy Mission are
  making, financial and otherwise, to raise awareness and to provide some solutions.


Dr. I. M. Spence - Lewis
Picture 1.5: Dr. I. M. Spence - Lewis

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  The principal medical officer for the Charity is Dr K.W. Spence-Lewis. Previous
  experience was in the Horn Of Africa. assessing health needs of children and
  women. Dr Spence Lewis works with the Charity to assess needs of the orphans
  and supply resources that will build a secure community for children to become
  self-reliant adults capable of contributing to the country and Africa.
  This will mean close contact with women and others who may have an intimate
  knowledge of what is required for the children relative to their circumstances and
  future. The impact of AIDS related diseases is included in the brief of the medical
  For more information on Dr. I. M. Spence - Lewis please go to African Medical Mission.

Mercy Misssion International, registered by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Charity no. 1110370

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